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Why Vegas Promotions?
  • Low Rates:   In Las Vegas, the biggest hotel discounts are found directly on the hotels' reservations websites. This site contains a detailed list of links to Las Vegas hotel discounts offered directly by the hotels themselves.
  • Convenience:   These promotions provide convenience for travelers by including FREE extras such as buffets, spa coupons, entertainment credits and discounted show tickets.
  • Reservation Security:   When you book directly with a Las Vegas hotel you do not have to worry about showing up to a hotel that has no record of your reservation. Rest assured that the reservation process will be a safe, easy and reliable transaction.
  • Cancellation Policies:  Unlike many other Las Vegas packages, most of these promotions are fully refundable. Take advantage of these cancellation policies! If you find a better promotion, simply cancel your existing reservation, re-book, and save!

Explore the discounts below and discover the incredible savings and security available to you when booking directly with a Las Vegas hotel. Remember, The odds may be stacked against us at the tables, but these hotel discounts will definitely decrease the house edge!

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Stay and Play Golf Package

Hotel Rating:
Rooms Available:
NOW - June 2017
This Deal Expires On:
Discount Rates From:
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (Click to enlarge)

Book your golf getaway with MGM Grand and receive special discounts at Walters Golf courses:

  • Up to 45% off Packages at Bali Hai & Royal Links
  • 20% off Spa and Cristophe Salon Services
  • $35 Callaway Razr X Rental Clubs Each Round

This Las Vegas deal was posted on 4/19/16

Guaranteed Best Rates

Hotel Rating:
Rooms Available:
NOW - July 2017
This Deal Expires On:
Discount Rates From:
Delano Hotel and Casino (Click to enlarge)

For a limited time only, book the best Las Vegas pool experiences at the guaranteed lowest Delano rate. You will not find a lower Delano rate, on the same travel dates, anywhere – guaranteed.

This Las Vegas deal was posted on 4/19/16

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